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Our team...Our strengh


Our best resources are our staff. Our staff is highly dedicated to explore their experiences in different fields.


 * * The Trainer of Graphic Design Departments:


<<Mr. Ali Maatouk:


 - Adobe Certified Trainer

 - Autodesk Certified Instructor

 - The Coordinator of Graphic Design at ACT College & AUCE (American University of  Culture& Education)

 - Technological & Educational Researcher

 - Has trained many of training courses for many companies: Qatar Foundation, Ministry of     Defense, United Nations Home - ESCWA, SABIS- Educational Home, SEDRAC, Many of Graphic Design Agencies: UG  (Syria), TBWA, Dar Al-Farabi, Dar Al-Fikr Loubnani…


Many of Media and Advertising institutions…


** The Trainer of Human Recourses Department:


<< Mr. Ali Takach:


 -  Certified Training Professional

 -  Certified Training Administrator

 -  H.R Consultant


Has trained many of training courses for many companies: Banking Sector, Educational institutions, United Nations…


** The Trainers of IT Department:


<<  Mr. Mahdi Baker:


 - CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

 - Microsoft certified system engineer (MCSE)

 - Networking & Protection security Researcher


<< Mr. Hayssam Zehri:


 -  Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

 - CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA)


** The Coordinator of English Department:


<< Ms. Fawziya Tarhine:



 -  Master Degree in English literature

 - The General Coordinator of English Department at LIU (Lebanese International University)


<< With many of Professional English Teachers, who hold the Master Degree in English.