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Teaching skills

Do you possess Modern Teaching Skills?

 As with most professions today, there are rapid developments in teaching that are being driven by social and technological changes. Keeping up to date with these developments within education will pay dividends with improved teaching skills. The skills needed to be a great teacher have now changed; modern teachers need to be competent in many new skill sets that were unknown to their predecessors.

Developing your teaching skills

 The essence of being an effective teacher lies in knowing what to do to foster pupils’ learning and being able to do it. Effective teaching is primarily concerned with setting up a learning activity for each pupil which is successful in bringing about the type of learning the teacher intends.

 The difference between knowing what to do and being able to do it can be well illustrated by making an analogy with playing tennis. A player may know that in a particular situation a lob over the opponent’s head is required, but whether that shot can be played successfully may be an entirely different matter! The player’s skills involve three elements.

 First, the knowledge about possible types of shots; second, the decision-making involved in deciding that a lob is in fact the most appropriate shot required; and third, the action involved in executing that shot.


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