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Professional skills

The professional skills course:


There are lots of reasons it might be hard to cobble together a decent resume. Maybe you've been unemployed for a long time, maybe you're trying to switch careers or maybe you're a mom who's been home raising kids for a few years.


Whatever your situation, there's good news. Resumes are changing. Your skills are just as valuable as your formal employment and can help sell your resume to a potential employer.


ACT College Professional Skills courses provide a broad selection of training choices covering the core areas of career development. From management and leadership to sales and customer service to project management, your organization will arm your staff with the knowledge and skills needed to enhance their performance and increase your organization's bottom line.


ACT College Professional Skills offerings focuses on the following key areas:


Microsoft Business Solutions Dynamics CRM


CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS ARE THE BACKBONE OF YOUR BUSINESS but the tools to effectively manage these relationships have, until now, been geared toward large companies with the resources to support prolonged implementation processes and high costs for training, customization and maintenance. Microsoft Customer Relationship Management offers powerful CRM functionality from the start and makes it easy for you to customize, integrate, and maintain your solution efficiently and affordably.


Microsoft iWorker Business Skills


The New Microsoft iWorker Business Skills Series offers a whole new approach to traditional application training combining both business and software skills into one integrated, engaging experience. Structured around real-world business scenarios, these courses help your team perform their jobs more efficiently, so your organization can accomplish its goals.




·         Client Care


·         Professional Standards


·         Time Management


·      Financial & Business Skills


·         Advocacy & Communication Skills




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